Ruby Colombia Aguacate

Ruby Colombia Aguacate

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From the roaster:

Coffees from the Aguacate collective first gained attention when a coffee labeled Aguacate won the 2005 Cup of Excellence in Colombia. The 30 farmer collective was hit with poor management and coffee leaf rust for a number of years, making it difficult to produce the quantity and quality they were pursuing, and finally, in 2013, with help from Caravela placing a cupping lab and warehouse nearby in Santa Barbara, the first Aguacate coffees made it to the US: right in time for a brand new roastery in Ruby to receive those samples.

We fell in love instantly. Coffees from Aguacate have a special deep fruit sweetness, sparkling acidity, and supreme balance. The quality is the direct result of all 30 farmers working hard on the fine details when picking, processing, and drying.

Aguacate is an almost magical project: tucked into a valley at extreme elevations that hover around 2000 meters, each farmer’s plot is managed on steep hills, and surrounded in natural forest. All the coffees are washed at micro wet-mills at each farm, and the only way in and out is through a steep rocky gravel trail to the main road that leads to the dry mill — which are further up the mountain than the coffee growing land.

Two years ago Jesse Myers and Jared were able to visit the farm projects and got to see the tireless efforts being put forth. There’s nothing easy about farming coffee, especially when the extra work for quality is layered in. It’s our fifth year with this coffee, and we’re prouder than ever to offer Aguacate to you.

Relationship: 6 years, partnered via exporter
Farm type: collection of small farms
Processing: washed, sun dried
Region: Sandona, Narino
Varieties: Caturra
Elevation: 1700-2100 masl
Taste notes: green apple, kiwi, honey, brown sugar

12 oz / 340 g. Whole bean.