The Rise

Owners Trent Wester and Elizabeth Redman


Part of the reason that moving to Oshkosh was so appealing to us is the tremendous energy and growth that is happening right now. 

This energy was made even more magical by all of the amazing support we've gotten along the way.  We are getting so close to opening our commercial kitchen space, but first- we want to thank all of the people who donated their time and support to make this bakery a reality.  

Colleen Merrill directs the Small Business Development Center at UW-Oshkosh.  She is wicked smart, honest, and (once she figured out we were all in) our biggest cheerleader.  We also loved being a part of her entrepreneurship class, working with students and learning from them too.  Sorry kids, we won't be making donuts.

Audra Hoy at the Greater Oshkosh Economic Development Center had valuable insight into where and how we should position our business.  She is passionate about Oshkosh and made the GoEDC application process easy and fun.  We can't wait to try and one-up her challah recipe.

Dick Shikoski is a retired accountant who mentors through Fox Cities SCORE.   He is patient, thorough, and helped us make our balance sheet ACTUALLY balance.  We are inspired by his lifelong passion for learning and his endless encouragement.

We first met Allison Garner when our dog happily jumped into her car after escaping from our backyard.  Who knew she'd also rescue our sanity by letting us brainstorm and scheme on her couch one afternoon.  Allison owns Align Coaching, a thriving leadership coaching business.  She helped us ask ourselves the big, important questions and encouraged us to dive in without fear and to lead with our hearts.

And thank you.  Thank you to those who bought at our market every single week. To the fellow business owners who encouraged us.  To the City of Oshkosh who always called us back and answered our questions. To the people who told us our idea wouldn't work.  To those who told us Oshkosh needs a bakery, who share our values of simple, delicious food.   This is just the beginning.